Liberal Claims of a “War-On-Women”: Just More Leftwing Hypocrisy

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by David L. Goetsch,

from Patriot Update,

Liberals are fond of claiming that Republicans are conducting a war on women.

Of course, this is just more hypocritical, distortion-filled rhetoric from left-wing opportunists who play fast and loose with the truth as political strategy. If any group in America is conducting a war on women, it is the political left where President Obama comfortably resides as the reigning prince and ideological Pied Piper. The truth is that no group has done more to damage the lives of women than the left wing of the Democrat Party, and no individual has done more to empower these radical liberals than President Obama.

To get a feel for how hypocritical the president can be concerning his supposed support for women, consider how he handled the case of Meriam Ibrahim. Thankfully Mrs. Ibrahim and her two babies have been released to the American embassy and with any luck will soon make their way to the United States after languishing for months in a filthy Sudanese prison. While it is encouraging that she is out of prison, her reprieve was granted no thanks to President Obama. What was Mrs. Ibrahim’s supposed horrific crime, a crime so heinous it would land a pregnant woman in prison awaiting the death sentence even as she was on the verge of delivering a baby? Her supposed crime was adultery, for which she was to be flogged with 100 lashes and then hung. But how could she be considered an adulterer when she is married to the father of both of her children? Simple. Sudanese law does not recognize the validity of the marriages of Sudanese women who marry Christian men, and Mrs. Ibrahim’s husband is a Christian and an American citizen. Consequently, she had two strikes against her in the eyes of the Sudanese government.

Fortunately, enough international pressure was brought to bear on the Sudanese government that Mrs. Ibrahim was finally released before she was flogged or her death sentence was carried out, but that pressure was brought by Great Britain and other European countries—not by President Obama. Much to his everlasting shame and the embarrassment of the United States, President Obama—a man who can be nauseatingly loquacious when talking about how Republicans don’t care about women—chose to remain silent at a time when one woman needed his help badly. But, then, this is typical of the left. They like people in groups and in theory, but they don’t care for people as individuals and have no concept of showing their supposed support in practical ways—like intervening to stop the horrendous abuse Meriam Ibrahim had to endure in a Sudanese prison. With friends like Barack Obama, American women don’t need enemies.

If you listen to the President and his left-wing minions you will soon realize that supporting women is liberal code for supporting abortion. According to the distorted thinking of the left, anyone who supports abortion supports women and anyone who opposes abortion is making war on women. Increase unemployment among women to levels higher than any in the past three decades and you are still considered a supporter of women in the eyes of the left as long as you support abortion. And speaking of abortion, support the abortion of thousands of babies, even though more than half of them are baby girls, and you are still considered pro-women. Bow before the leaders of Muslim countries that advocate Sharia Law—laws that turn women into life forms lower than what is found in your garbage can—and you are still considered a supporter of women, provided you support abortion.

In the case of Mrs. Ibrahim, one cannot help but wonder if President Obama’s often demonstrated preference for Islam over Christianity is why he chose to ignore the plight of this terribly abused woman. Is it possible he was more concerned about not angering Muslims than in helping the woman they were abusing? Writing for The Washington Times (June 23, 2014), Wesley Pruden had this to say about the president’s preference for Islam: “Mr. Obama talks a lot about the beauty of Islam. He says Islam’s call to evening prayer is ‘one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.’ He supported the construction of a mosque at the site of the World Trade Center. As soon as he was inaugurated, he hurried to the Middle East to apologize for, well, it was not clear for what. The president clearly has a soft spot in his heart (if not in his head) for Islam. He was raised that way.”

What is even harder to grasp than the hypocrisy of the president and his liberal minions concerning their supposed support for women is the fact that women fall for it. Women who support Barack Obama must have either a blind love of fiction or a steadfast aversion to the facts, or both. About the only women to be found in the White House are the president’s wife and two daughters and, of course, his old Chicago crony, Valerie Jarrett. Apparently the president’s supposed support for women does not include hiring them. About all his economic policies have done for women is offer them a life of government servitude collecting welfare entitlements and unemployment checks.

But wait, I almost forgot another way the president and his minions support women. To be fair, the president supports allowing women in combat. Of course, having never served in the military much less combat, Barack Obama has no idea of what his support for women in combat will mean to them or the military. This is one of those cases when you should be careful of what you ask for because you might just get it. Once women are allowed in combat—notice I didn’t say “if,”—the day will come when they are going to realize that the president’s support on this issue was little more than a death sentence dressed up in the guise of women’s rights. Most people are aware of some woman who ruined her life by allowing a slick talking, opportunistic man who had the morals of a goat to lead her astray. It is a sad but not uncommon occurrence. This is exactly what is happening with women in America, and the slick talking culprit in this case is the President of the United States.

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