WHOA! Hollywood is FURIOUS With What Angelina Jolie Said About Barack Obama

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from Political Insider,

There is every reason to believe Angelina Jolie is a liberal. She is a beautiful Hollywood actress who has served as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador since 2001. Her Husband, Brad Pitt, is a major donor and promoter of the Democratic Party and supporter of Barack Obama.

Which makes what Angelina said a huge shock. Jolie clearly takes after her father — the outspoken Jon Voight – when she expressed her dislike for President Obama in US Magazine.

Sources close to Angelina Jolie have come forward to say that she not only dislikes Obama, but thinks he’s a socialist. The quote from one source was, “She hates him. She’s into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise.”

Also: “Angie isn’t Republican, but she thinks Obama is all smoke and mirrors,” the source says.

It is nice to find a talented actress who isn’t afraid to speak out against President Obama, which on the Hollywood Left Coast will cost her many friends and business opportunities. Maybe this is a sign that even Hollywood is starting to realize just how miserable this President is.

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