The Scam Artist

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by Dave Kopel,

from America’s 1st Freedom,

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s newest gun-prohibition group, Everytown for Gun Safety, has gotten off to a rough start—and for good reason.

The group, like Bloomberg’s so-called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is built largely on deceit and outright lies. MAIG, as it turned out, had far more than “illegal guns” in its crosshairs, instead pushing for restrictive laws that would infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. This led to a mass exodus of dozens of mayors over the past few years, once those city leaders learned of the group’s true intent.

Similarly, Everytown seems to be headed quickly in the same deceitful direction. While claiming to be a group about “gun safety,” its first few efforts have largely been targeted toward convincing Americans—especially mothers—that having firearms in their homes makes them far less safe and represents a tragedy waiting to happen.

Consequently, that group has already seen some high-level defections.

The similarities don’t end there. While maig claimed to be a “grassroots” group, it never had more than a tiny fraction of America’s mayors on its rolls. Many that were members of the group likely signed up due to hopes of getting some of Bloomberg’s bucks through campaign contributions.

Likewise, Everytown’s claim to be a “grassroots” organization is easily seen as an outright lie. Any group funded from the top down by $50 million from the nation’s top gun-ban zealot should be embarrassed to even have the word “grassroots” and “Everytown” mentioned in the same sentence.

Although media coverage of the group has generally been admiring, there is little evidence that Bloomberg is succeeding so far in creating a true “grassroots” organization.

However, Bloomberg actually needs no grassroots to succeed in his one-man war against the Constitution. His pledged $50 million is a substantial sum that will require us all of us to Stand and Fight together to protect our right to keep and bear arms.

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