Famous Actor Risks His Career to Challenge Obama & Support “America” the Movie

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from The Political Insider,

When you think of Hollywood, you probably think of elitist liberals who are out-of-touch with the rest of America. Hollywood has already been a breeding ground for liberal propaganda since the days of the Cold War, and it might be even worse today.

But one of the rare exceptions is Jon Voight, a famous actor and true patriot. He is one of the film industry’s most consistent and vocal conservatives, railing against President Obama’s foreign policy and, perhaps more tellingly, his reticence regarding its failures. He also talks about Dinesh D’Souza’s new Movie, “America”. Here he is on Mike Huckabee’s show speaking the truth.

Jon Voight really hit this interview out of the park. Obama has followed the progressive plan to transform America piece by piece, and Voight is here to sound the alarm.

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