Israel-Hamas Truce Effort Fails

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from The Wall Street Journal,

First Israeli Killed by a Rocket From Gaza.

Smoke rises after rockets were fired from near Gaza City.

Attempts to end the latest military confrontation between Israel and Hamas failed after the Islamist rulers of Gaza rejected an Egyptian truce proposal and Israel resumed airstrikes after a lull.

Egypt proposed the cease-fire late Monday and Israel’s security cabinet decided at a morning meeting Tuesday to suspend airstrikes. There was a lull—about six hours according to Israel and three hours according to Palestinians. But Gaza militants fired 47 rockets during the suspension, according to Israel, which then started up strikes again.

The Egyptian plan called for a daylong de-escalation of fighting and a complete end to hostilities by mid-evening Tuesday, But Hamas said it wasn’t consulted by Cairo and insisted its various demands must first be met.

An Israeli was killed for the first time in the eight-day conflict that has left at least 194 Palestinians dead, the military said. The man, a civilian, was hit by shrapnel from a rocket near the Erez border crossing between Israel and Gaza. Israel said Palestinians launched about 125 rockets from Gaza from 9 a.m. About 100 hit Israel, and 20 were intercepted.

“Hamas chose to continue the battle, and it will pay a price for that decision,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “When there is no cease-fire, our answer is fire,” he added.

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