Palestinian Death Toll Nears 100 in Gaza, W.H.O. Warns of Health Emergency

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from The New York Times,

Israeli airstrikes killed at least eight Palestinians in Gaza early Friday, officials there said, and the World Health Organization warned that a combination of high debts and severe shortages of medicine and fuel now threatened the Palestinian health services of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem with collapse.

Militants based in Gaza, seemingly undeterred by the four-day-old Israeli aerial assault, launched an intense volley of rockets into southern and central Israel, and said they had barely dented their arsenal of rockets amassed over the past few years. The barrage caused the first serious multiple civilian injuries on the Israeli side since the latest upsurge of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities escalated into a military confrontation.

With the latest lethal Israeli strikes in Gaza, Palestinian health officials said the death toll was approaching 100. The two sides appeared to be set on a course of continuing escalation, with no outside mediator yet having stepped in to broker a renewal of the cease-fire that came into effect after the last round of fierce, cross-border fighting, in November 2012.

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