The Sexual Assault Survivor George Will Dismissed Responds

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from Media Matters,

Lisa Sendrow: “I Absolutely Have Not Received Any Privileges From Sexual Assault”.

Lisa Sendrow, whose experience of college sexual assault was dismissed by The Washington Post’s George Will, slammed the columnist for silencing the voices of survivors and rejected the idea she received any privileges from her status as a survivor, as Will suggested. Instead, she said she was diagnosed with PTSD following her assault and received violent threats after her story was first reported.

Will’s June 6 column sparked outrage from women’s organizations, U.S. senators, and college rape survivors for suggesting that sexual assault victims — or people who Will decided were only claiming to be sexual assault victims — enjoyed “a coveted status that confers privileges.” To make his point, Will relied on an anecdote from a Philadelphia magazine article about a young woman from Swarthmore College, implying that he didn’t believe her story qualified as an actual incident of assault.

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