Kansas: Licensing More Teachers

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from NCPA,

The Kansas State Board of Education has approved plans to allow those with relevant work experience to obtain a teaching license without having a teaching degree, reports Kansas First News.

The bill will allow people with a degree in the subject matter and five years of related experience to fill the spots that not enough teachers are applying for today.

The board’s approval came in spite of its opposition by the state’s largest teachers union, which has threatened to sue to block the plan.

– Proponents of the plan say that it will increase the number of teachers, especially in the critical areas of math, science and technology, by putting skilled people in the classroom.
– But the Kansas National Education Association opposes the plan because they do not believe that such people will know how to teach.

The new licensing laws go into effect July 1 and will grant one-year licenses to new educators to teach grades eight through 12.

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