President Obama uses Central American children for political gain

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from The Gray Area:

The “humanitarian crisis” of children illegally flocking into the Texas and Arizona borders from Central American countries is the product of poor immigration policy, poor enforcement and the despicable politics of President Obama.

For years, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have been consumed by increasing violence by organized gangs, which have grown in power on the back of the drug trade as economic conditions worsen. It is these three countries where most of the children are coming from. But, why now to the US. Because of proposed immigration reform and recent Executive Orders by President Obama sending clear signals to those needing a safe haven that the US is open for business and possible citizenship.

This is no coincidence. The President, his administration, political allies and political analysts, knew that his executive action in 2012 would release a flood of immigrants, primarily children, to the US borders. And, when that happened, anyone defying his immigration reform policies would be cast as cold, heartless, racist and against helping abused children. He would then take immediate steps to accommodate these children.

Why do I think they knew? Because for all the things this group is, they are not stupid politically. They know what the reactions to their actions will be and how they intend to benefit. Earlier this month, President Obama declared the Unaccompanied Minor Children (children migrating to the United States without a caregiver) a humanitarian crisis.

Which it is!

Already charities in Texas and elsewhere are stepping up efforts to help the children as they would be anticipated to do. Catholic Charities of Fort Worth has stated they are helping. “A significant number of these unaccompanied migrant children have valid asylum claims. … Too often we look at child migrants as adults – detaining them and emphasizing enforcement of immigration law rather than protection. But we ask, how can we deny them asylum and send them back to their home communities, rife with gangs and drug traffickers, knowing that this might very well ensure their deaths? The answer is that we cannot, and it is one reason why we have chosen to partner with the federal government and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to provide temporary shelter to unaccompanied migrant children through our UAC program. The most compelling reason, however, is the Catholic Social Teaching which establishes and leads everything we do at CCFW. … We are one of just two agencies in Texas that serves these children. … At the Assessment Center, we have a designated number of beds set aside for some of the children placed in our care. Through our International Foster Care program, others are placed in foster homes. … With the rising influx of kids, we were called to expand capacity, and as of last week, we are doubling the number of children we house at the Assessment Center, which necessitates converting office space into bedrooms.” Way to go Catholic Charities! Keep the children safe first. Though it plays right into the hands of dishonest politicians, it must be done.

As this plays out, it is feared that “most of those released will abscond and never show up for their hearings, taking their chances that ICE won’t have the time or resources to go looking for them …” Next is including them in the President’s amnesty plans.

Would a responsible American President set up children this way to further his ideological goals?