Florida School District Finally Lifts Bible Ban!

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from Liberty Institute,

Under pressure, school district allows Bible reading, educates employees.

[This is a] triumph in an important religious freedom win for students in the public school system. In a victory for religious freedom, Broward County Public Schools assented to our demands to comply with the law by allowing Giovanni Rubeo and other students to read the Bible in “free reading time” and in the “Accelerated Reader® Program.”

They also educated all district employees that the law requires them to allow students this right.

This concession from Broward County Public Schools came after Liberty Institute sent two demand letters and threatened legal action if the school refused to restore Giovanni’s religious rights


In April, Giovanni Rubeo, a fifth-grader from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, was reading his Bible during “free reading time” when he was told by his teacher to “put it on my desk.”

The teacher then informed Giovanni’s father in a phone message that the Bible and “those books”—meaning religious books—were not allowed in “my classroom.” The recorded voice mail awoke millions of Americans to the crisis of religious discrimination in America’s public classrooms.

Giovanni’s father [sought the help of the Liberty Institute].

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