Students Deface, Vassar Removes Pro-Israel ‘Wall of Truth’

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from Truth Revolt,

America’s campuses have become bastions of anti-Semitism and censorship. We found that out personally last week at Israel Revolt, when we posted “The Wall of Truth” at Vasser College in New York.

The purpose: to fight the slanderous accusations of Jew-hating groups, like the Vassar Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), who were holding their annual “Nakba Day” — lamenting the creation of Israel. “The Wall of Truth” was created to debunk their lies.

But Vassar College is not a place for free speech; it is a place for repression.

This is why shortly after posting “The Wall of Truth,” administrators asked that it be removed, because it was “putting the campus on edge.” They claimed students were complaining that the wall was “biased.” Meanwhile the university’s administration had no issue with the campus holding a day that specifically states that Israel’s creation is a nakba – disaster!

Our student allies at the Vassar Conservative-Libertarian Union (VCLU) refused to take down the wall, noting that the SJP had put up an “Israeli Apartheid Wall” filled with anti-Israel falsehoods earlier in the year.

And so the anti-Semites sprang into action. They defaced the wall, scrawling profanities and defamatory statements on the wall itself. Vassar administrators then backed the vandals, and order the removal of “The Wall of Truth.”

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