Waste of Taxpayer Dollars in Exchanges

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from NCPA,

There was massive mismanagement of federal dollars in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, according to Christopher Conover, adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Yevgeniy Feyman, Manhattan Institute policy analyst, and Katherine Restrepo, policy analyst at the John Locke Foundation.

The authors analyzed the taxpayer cost per Obamacare enrollee by adding together the federal grants paid to states to create their exchanges, federal premium subsidies to encourage the purchase of exchange coverage and the estimated amount of cost-sharing subsidies for low-income families purchasing silver exchange plans.

Nationally, federal taxpayers spent $4,633 per enrollee that signed up on the exchanges through April 19. That figure varies state to state, as Hawaii spent $ 24,947 in federal tax dollars per enrollee, while Tennessee spent $3,038.

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