How can we possibly afford this?

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from The Gray Area:

From the time The Affordable Care Act was first passed, the one thing that was completely obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense was – how can we possibly afford Obamacare? Every nation in the world with similar healthcare mandates has collapsed under the weight of such an entitlement, is struggling to survive, is finding a two-tier system of healthcare developing, or some dysfunctional combination of these sad endgame choices.

Everyday, some new constituency or program extension is added to the Obamacare mess.
California extends Obamacare deadline for COBRA
— Healthcare mandate costs will put some businesses out of business
How can, we the people, possibly continue this kind of subsidy and wealth confiscation is a true mystery to me. Such policies will drain wealth from America at an accelerating rate. And, who is that good for? No one.

We did this to the Soviet Union in the 1980s through defense spending. Now the “tax & spend” liberals, or worse, as some people fear, Marxist revolutionaries, are trying the same tactic here. Is this a strategic goal of the left? To make America spend themselves into bankruptcy and lose their leadership position in the world?

The rich need to pay for it, they say – they need to pay their fair share! The top 20% of earners already pay 80% of the taxes in this country. Now you add on this monstrosity. How much do you want the top 20% to pay, 100%? 110%? You want 80% of the people in this country having a free ride paid for by rich people? That shows a lot of common sense. And, where will these rich people get the money to do that? If you confiscated all their wealth now it wouldn’t pay for the current debt. And, now, the discussion around the world and in this country is about an assets tax, to get at people’s net worth! Remember this would be on top of the income you already paid taxes on! On top of the “death tax” your estate can already anticipate! Can you imagine a better way to strangle the life out of the American economy and it’s people?

Here are a few charts you need to see concerning Obamacare & costs.

For the Marxist revolutionaries, we are dangerously close to a point of no return. An example of the trajectory is in this series of quotes: “Since the first of March, 30 companies in the Standard and Poor’s 500 have mentioned Obamacare during their conference calls.” … “Discussion of the law has not been positive, as companies have been hit with new costs and obligations.” “While some have merely cited increases in insurance costs, other companies say that the law is impacting consumer demand for their products.”

Another from The United States of Bankruptcy, “The sovereignty of the United States is now in the hands of foreign nations that hold our debt. America is socially, morally, politically and financially bankrupt.”

So, for the good-hearted liberals – – how is a bankrupt country going to help any of its people or provide better access to healthcare?

ObamaCare Is Creating a Two-Tier System. “Americans most dependent on public insurance will have less and less access to medical care under ObamaCare, … President Obama has touted the Affordable Care Act as increasing insurance choices, but this is not what those in the exchanges are seeing. Patients who can afford it are signing up at concierge practices. Today, there are an estimated 4,400 concierge physicians — 30 percent more than just last year. And according to a survey from Merritt Hawkins, 7 to 10 percent of doctors plan to move to concierge or cash-only practices within the next three years. Europe has already experienced a two-tiered health care system. The United States will see similar divisions if ObamaCare remains in place. Those who can afford private care will have access to it, while those dependent upon government systems will have fewer choices and less access to their doctors.

There are ways to help people afford healthcare that don’t include bankrupting the country.

How to fix Obamacare. The reason we have so many problems in health care is that almost everywhere we look, people face perverse incentives — patients, doctors, employers, employees, etc. When they respond to those incentives they do things that make costs higher, quality lower, and access to care more difficult than otherwise would have been the case.
Four simple changes to ObamaCare:
1. Replace all the ObamaCare mandates and subsidies with a universal tax credit that is the same for everyone.
2. Replace all the medical savings accounts with a Roth Health Savings Account.
3. Allow Medicaid to compete with private insurance, with everyone having the right to buy in or get out.
4. Denationalize and deregulate the exchanges and require them to institute change of health status insurance.

Please, a little common sense people.