The Fight Is On

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from Thomas More Law Center,

Yesterday, with the battle cry “the fight is on,” a coalition of over 100 Black pastors from Detroit, Outstate Michigan, and Ohio representing several hundred additional pastors, celebrated the amicus brief which was filed by the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) on their behalf challenging the recent Federal District Court decision overturning Michigan’s 2004 constitutional amendment. Michigan’s Marriage Amendment (MMA) preserves traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

Shortly after the decision overturning the Michigan Marriage Amendment, Minister Stacy Swimp contacted TMLC on behalf of the Coalition of Black Pastors asking whether the Law Center would be willing to file a brief on their behalf. A subsequent meeting was held to discuss the ruling and the Pastors’ specific objections so that the brief would reflect their objections within a legal context in order to aid the appellate judges.

Erin Mersino, the principal drafter of the amicus brief, … captured the Pastors’ objections: the comparison drawn by courts and by society that the homosexual push to legalize their marriages is on par with the civil right movement of Black Americans is false; marriage between one man and one women is Biblically based and a part of America’s Judeo-Christian morality and tradition, and the legal precedent used to overturn the MMA, which was approved by over 2.7 million voters, was unsound.

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The Fight Is On