Gohmert: Holder Chooses Which Americans He ‘Persecutes’

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from Heritage Foundation,

In an interview this morning, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R., Tex.) said Attorney General Eric Holder “persecutes” some Americans.

Yesterday, Gohmert and Holder had a spirited exchange in a hearing when Gohmert pressed Holder for information regarding the documents the Justice Department has about an Islamic charity based in Texas, and the Fast and Furious scandal. At one point during the hearing Holder pointed his finger at Gohmert and said, “You don’t want to go there.”

Gohmert told Fox and Friends this morning that it’s “nothing personal.”

“He seems like a likable guy,” Gohmert said of Holder. But “he is the highest law enforcement officer in the country, and he is obviously choosing — making personal choices rather than objective choices on who he prosecutes and persecutes and who he doesn’t.”

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