Outrage! School Stops 5-Year-Old’s Lunchtime Prayer

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from Liberty Institute,

According to the Perez family, their 5-year-old daughter bowed her head over her food during lunch. A lunchroom monitor instructed her to stop, and when the young girl told the monitor, “But it’s good to pray,” she was told, “It is not good.”

… attorneys sent a demand letter to school administrators at Carillon Elementary School in Oviedo, Florida, on behalf of Marcos Perez and his daughter. Liberty Institute continues to investigate the situation on behalf of our clients, and will continue to bring attention to this very critical issue.

The Perez Family says this incident was the last straw and they have decided to remove their daughter from the public education system.

“Mainly because of this incident, we have exercised our option as parents to teach our daughter at home,” said Marcos Perez. “We live in a very good school district, but we cannot, in good conscience, send our daughter to a school where her religious liberty has been compromised.”

“Of course, students can pray at school!” said Liberty Institute Senior Counsel Jeremy Dys. “As the Supreme Court held over half a century ago: Students do not ‘shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.’ In addition to violating the First Amendment, the school is in violation of Department of Education guidelines that specifically protect this type of prayer, and thus could jeopardize its federal funding.”

Situations like this are happening all to frequently. Aggressive anti-faith groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU have created a culture of fear inside our nation’s schools – to the point that a 5-year-old child is told to stop praying over her school lunch!

School districts across the country are so afraid of potential legal action that they are infringing upon students constitutional rights.

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