Teacher said student could not choose God as her idol!

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from Liberty Institute,

This week, Tennessee lawmakers approved a bill that would expand religious freedom protection for public school students.

The Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act overwhelmingly passed the state House earlier this month (90-2), and unanimously passed the state Senate (32-0) this week. The legislation’s sponsors, state Rep. Courtney Rogers and Sen. Ferrell Haile, say the act would serve as a safeguard against potential lawsuits and allow students to be protected when exercising their religious freedom.

Rep. Rogers and Sen. Hailey introduced the legislation after the case of 10-year-old Erin Shead made national news.

Shead, a Shelby County School student, was told by her teacher she could not choose God as her idol in a school writing assignment.

Her teacher told Erin she had to take her paper about God off of school property because it might violate the First Amendment for it to remain in the classroom!

Liberty Institute immediately stepped in to help. Senior Counsel Jeremy Dys informed the district of students’ true constitutional rights. Erin was able to turn in her assignment with her original subject – God – and received an A.

However, the severity of this case created concern in Tennessee and throughout the country, triggering the recent push for the Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act.

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