Obama’s taxpayer-funded $2.9M night in Brussels

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from The Gray Area:

Every President takes trips, business and leisure, as part of the job. Every modern President’s trips are expensive by necessity, considering security requirements alone. But, if this story below is typical, and too many recent reports like this suggest it is, then it is out of control.

One night, 387 rooms, $2.9M! We as a people must ask our representatives in Congress to look at the amount of money we are spending for Presidential and Congressional trips.

from New York Post,

President Obama’s one-night stay in Brussels last month will cost taxpayers a staggering $2.9 million.

On the short jaunt, Obama’s crew used 387 rooms at the The Hotel — a stylish building that boasts spa services and free champagne — for $1.5 million between March 25 and 26, the Weekly Standard reported.

The administration also forked over $1.05 million for 143 rental vehicles and footed a $396,000 bill to Crowne Plaza Hotel, where some staffers stayed on the trip, according to federal documents posted online at fbo.gov.

The jaw-dropping fees included two weeks’ pay to staffers, who were in town for UN and NATO summits.

Rooms at The Hotel feature “unforgettable views of the Brussels city skyline . . . even from the sauna” for roughly $320 per night, according to the hotel’s Web site. The rooms come complete with walk-in “rain showers” and 46-inch TVs.

The administration paid Modern Car, a limo service in Brussels, for a “rental vehicles for VIP visit,” according to the documents.

Obama used 45 vehicles, including his personal armored Cadillac limo, during the six-day trip to Europe and the Middle East.

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