Developing Situation at U.S. Air Force Academy

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from Liberty Institute,

News broke yesterday that Mikey Weinstein, the anti-faith founder of the deceptively named Military Religious Freedom Foundation, contacted the Air Force Academy complaining that a cadet had written a Bible verse on a dry erase board on the door of his dormitory room.

According to Weinstein, the Bible verse was scrubbed from the whiteboard exactly two hours and nine minutes after his phone call.

– According to the Air Force Academy, and contrary to the claims of Weinstein, no one ordered the cadet to erase his Bible verse. Right now, it seems as if this controversy may have been instigated, escalated, and possibly embellished by Weinstein. Our investigation continues.
– Because of the misinformation being spread, cadets are confused and don’t know what the real Air Force Academy policy is on religious speech.
– The good news: Numerous cadets are responding to the controversy by writing scripture verses on their whiteboards with apparently no opposition by the Air Force Academy. The Academy has released a statement praising the cadet corps as a whole for their conduct during the controversy. And, just two weeks earlier, Liberty Institute President & CEO Kelly Shackelford spoke at the Air Force Academy, informing cadets about their rights and religious freedoms. This is a positive sign for religious liberty—and an exercise of the cadets’ protected private speech under the Constitution, case law, and military policy.

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