Is ‘Bossy’ really a good trait?

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from The Gray Area:

‘Bossy’, the other B Word. Let’s ban ‘Bossy’. Two recent articles whose objective is to control language by focusing the ‘political correctness’ police on the word “bossy”. Is that the best way to improve girls development?

While we agree with the point, calling girls ‘bossy’ who are assertive, decisive and display leadership qualities is inappropriate, but, the strategy being used is flawed and counterproductive. Like so many leftist causes, the idea is laudable, but the solution is usually negative, divisive and not well thought out.

Is it true that the word ‘bossy’ applies mostly to women? And, carries a negative connotation? Yes, the writers are correct about the historical use of the word and the negative connotation for women. But, is being ‘bossy’ a good thing?. The writers suggest it is a positive connotation for men while negative for women. Not true. Are boys really applauded for being bossy? ‘Bossy’ men are usually referred to as jerks or ‘a-holes’. Isn’t it bad for both men or women to be ‘bossy’? The word is negative in its entirety.

And, does the word really equate to demonstrating “leadership skills”? The word means, domineering, pushy, overbearing, imperious, officious, high-handed, authoritarian, dictatorial, controlling. Do we really want our future leaders to be ‘bossy’?

No, we don’t. We want people educated about the proper use of the word ‘bossy’? We want people educated about the difference between being ‘bossy’ and demonstrating leadership skills? Don’t we want our leaders of the future to be intelligent, inclusive, decisive, calm, clear thinking, charismatic, etc.? Shouldn’t we be focusing men and women on the appropriate traits instead of using the ‘PC police’ to attack language? Pretty soon we won’t be able to call someone ‘bossy’, even when they are, just as you cannot describe someone anymore as a ‘gay’ fellow or a ‘person of discriminating taste’.

Instead, how about suggesting more descriptive words to differentiate from being ‘bossy’ and demonstrating leadership skills. Words such as, decisive, calm, clear thinking, charismatic, inclusive, intelligent, ability to delegate, would demonstrate proper leadership skills. ‘Bossy’ can remain a descriptor for those who get it wrong and are domineering. pushy, overbearing and dictatorial. Lets educate on the proper use of our words, instead of demonizing them and those who use them. Then, lets focus on a positive vision of the future. No just one that changes the language so a few people “feel good”.