How Weakness and Inconsistency Allowed Crises to Develop in Ukraine and Venezuela

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from Heritage Foundation,

The Obama administration’s flawed foreign policy strategy, which lacks both strength and consistency, has allowed major crises to develop in Ukraine and Venezuela, Heritage Foundation experts explain:

The Obama Doctrine has been a monumental failure because it fails to protect and advance U.S. interests. It is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan’s bold approach, which was based on powerful American leadership on the world stage, including a willingness to firmly stand up to America’s adversaries. Perhaps even worse, many of America’s traditional allies are questioning America’s resolve to transatlantic relations and NATO’s security guarantee.

Rather than continue to waffle on the developing crisis in Ukraine, the U.S. should send a strong message to Russia, Heritage experts urge. That means demonstrating American commitment to Europe, guaranteeing unparalleled American strength, and confronting tyranny when it threatens American interests.

President Obama’s approach to the unrest in Venezuela is equally misguided. Heritage expert Ana Quintana explains why it’s high time for the U.S. to get involved:

Latin America has fallen out of the Obama Administration’s purview, and it is long past time for the U.S. to reclaim a leadership position in the Western Hemisphere. The U.S.’s foreign policy toward the regions needs to be grounded upon promoting democracy, expanding economic freedom, and protecting human rights.

The inexcusable and politically motivated violence against unarmed protestors demands international condemnation. It is important for the Obama Administration to show leadership and respond quickly, as the continued lack of action will only serve to further embolden the lawless government of Venezuela.

President Obama needs to send strong messages to both the Russian and the Venezuelan governments.

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