Administration to extend ObamaCare ‘keep your plan’ fix for canceled health plans

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from FoxNews,

The Obama administration is preparing to announce a new delay in the health care law’s implementation that would allow insurers to continue offering health plans that do not meet ObamaCare’s minimum coverage requirements.

President Obama, under pressure over widespread health plan cancellations, offered a solution in November allowing Americans to keep their current insurance policies for another year, even if their plans didn’t meet the minimum standards.

The latest delay, expected to be announced as early as next week, would allow insurers to continue selling insurance plans that would otherwise be banned under the law. Fox News has confirmed the extension, first reported by The Hill.

It is unclear how long the extension will be, though one unidentified source told the Hill it could last to the end of Obama’s second term, and possibly beyond.

The extension would ease pressure on Democratic candidates in the midterm elections by avoiding another wave of health policy cancellations expected this fall.

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