Liberal Media’s Constant Cover Up for The Obama Administration

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from Media Research Center,

When Richard Nixon lied about the Watergate cover-up, the liberal media hounded him relentlessly, eventually forcing him from the presidency. When George H.W. Bush broke his “read my lips” tax pledge, the liberal media again attacked and let no one forget that broken pledge. It’s now part of political history. But when it comes to President Barack Obama and the ongoing lies he and his administration tell, almost daily, the left-wing media either spin them as the truth or bury them, censoring the real truth.

Here are a few examples from the past couple of months reported in detail in MRC Watchdog’s January issue:

• Page 1: Although President Obama repeatedly lied about keeping your health care plan, NBC’s Chuck Todd covered for him, spinning, “Well, it was impossible to keep that promise. … It set a false set of expectations.

• Page 2: After NBC’s Lisa Myers uncovered evidence in the Obamacare regulations that showed the administration had been lying for three years about how many Americans could keep their insurance, her own network buried the news.

• Page 4: Detroit? Blame GOP, says MSNBC’s Al Sharpton.

• Page 4: ESPN’s LZ Granderson says its okay that Obama lied about keeping your health insurance because “in his heart” he knows what’s best for Americans.

• Page 5: Thatcher vs Mandela. When Nelson Mandela died, MSNBC said no criticizing, but when Margaret Thatcher died, MSNBC attacked immediately.

• Page 5: NBC: Obama = Mandela. NBC’s David Gregory suggests Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama are very similar because Mandela overcame Apartheid South Africa and Obama is still struggling against obstacles in America.

• Page 5: In Minibits CNN’s David Gergen, in all seriousness, tells NPR, “this has been a scandal-free administration by and large, and we should appreciate that.”

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