Political Correctness Can Have ‘Ugly Consequences

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from AMAC,

PC activists want to dictate ‘what is right and what is wrong.’ They tap our sense of fair play to justify their ends.

Police would be unable to provide eyewitness descriptions of perpetrators under a proposed New York City law that seeks to limit profiling of suspects. “It’s an overreach that would give criminals the edge and put innocent citizens at risk, all in the name of Political Correctness,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The law would allow the cops to describe the clothes the suspect might have worn in the commission of a crime, but that’s about it. It would leave them open to lawsuits if they say whether the individual was male or female, estimate how old he or she is, indicate whether the individual is white, African-American or Hispanic or point out any physical disability such as a limp, Weber explained.

“It’s Political Correctness gone amok, pure and simple,” he stated. “Whether the proposal is enacted or not, the mere fact that it is being proposed indicates the extreme measures modern day social engineers are willing to go to turn our world upside down.”

He said that what he called “liberal ideologues” have as their ultimate goal the creation of a utopian society in which they can dictate what is right and what is wrong. “They use political correctness as a tactic for achieving their objective, tapping our sense of fair play to justify their ends.”

Big gulp soft drink bans, requiring distillers to provide nutritional information on bottles of scotch, vodka or Rye and using the term “a person of interest” instead of saying the word “suspect” in a criminal investigation are just a few of the ways PC activists get their foot in the door, Weber explained.

“The proposed profiling law in New York City is among their ‘next steps.’ As is the case of Army Major Nidal Hassan, who is charged with murdering 13 innocent GIs and severely wounding 32 others in Fort Hood, Texas in 2009. Eyewitnesses said that Hassan shouted a Muslim clarion call while indiscriminately firing his weapon. His co-workers had warned his superiors that he was ‘a ticking time bomb’ long before the tragic event, but they didn’t do anything about it. Among the reasons cited: fear that they might be accused of profiling him as a potentially dangerous extremist.”

The authorities even sought to describe the event as “workplace violence” instead of an act of terror, Weber noted. “The incident reveals the ugly consequences of mincing words for the sake of political correctness,” he said.

The AMAC chief cited a recent Washington Times opinion article that pointed out that: “New values have emerged and political correctness is simply the means by which these values are propagated and enforced. Political correctness sifts and shapes what and how we think about those values, forming a new morality that is transmitted to our children through public education, Hollywood and the media. The goal of political correctness is rigid conformity in thought and deed. It is as if the reins of culture have been turned over to zealots who are now bullying society down the chute toward ideological purity. They are the new moralizers, and while they don’t wear clerical garb, they behave like a secular Taliban in how they condemn, mock, ridicule and shame all who challenge their orthodoxy.”

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