Meanwhile, in Venezuela, large protests continue despite carnival

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from Aljazeera,

Thousands of opposition supporters rally across the capital but it is still unclear if they can maintain their momentum.

Tens of thousands of opposition supporters have rallied across the capital, in what seems to be their largest show of force since unrest began in February.

But it is unclear whether the protest movement can keep its momentum, or where it can go from here.

“I don’t know what will happen next,” said businesswoman Ana Sosa, as she marched through the upscale Las Mercedes district with her friends on Sunday.

“We are waiting for another plan from the students,” who have played a leading role in ongoing unrest.

The death toll from weeks of protests stands at 18, according to government figures, with at least 260 reported injured.

A total of 863 people have been arrested since February 9, Foro Penal, a non-government organisation, reported, with 30 still behind bars.

The government released 41 detainees on Sunday, including Italian photojournalist Francesca Commissari, arrested on Friday. It was not immediately clear if the whole AP team was part of that group.

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