Harvard proved the President was wrong

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from Heritage Foundation,

You have probably noticed that liberals are talking a lot more these days about economic inequality and upward mobility. The Center for American Progress, the political left’s favorite think tank established something called the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

Barely a month after President Obama declared that “we’ve seen diminished levels of upward mobility in recent years“, a Harvard economist proved the President was wrong. In a comprehensive study that examined millions of income records, researchers concluded that the overall rate of upward mobility remained virtually unchanged for the past 50 years. Liberals immediately began backpedaling … including shifting the President’s rhetoric for the state of the Union address.

The Harvard study also mentioned … “the strongest predictors of upward mobility“… “are measures of family structure such as the fraction of single parents in the area.” The liberal mainstream media haven’t knocked themselves out reporting on these results because the truth would conflict with the narrative they’re pushing.

Stimulating economic growth … will be a big topic in the debate about mobility. President Obama said in the State of the Union address that “step one towards restoring mobility is making sure our economy is growing faster.” … In more than five years now Mr Obama hasn’t moved on step one. Fewer Americans are employed today than when he took office in 2009. Heritage’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom shows that in 2009, the US ranked No. 6 among the world’s freest economy. This year we have fallen to 12th place.

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