Syria Talks May Yield Little, but Give Cover to Those Defying Hard-Liners

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from The New York Times,

The images from spotless, quiet Geneva were striking — Syrian government and opposition figures sitting down together for the first time to discuss ending their country’s war — but inside war-torn Syria, patience wore thin as the talks dragged on with few results.

Government supporters complained that the opposition delegation could not claim to represent all opponents, let alone all Syrians.

Opposition activists groused that they would look weak if they failed to win concessions as the government continued bombarding and blockading rebellious areas.

Yet as the first round of talks in the latest peace effort, known as Geneva 2, prepares to wrap up on Friday, there were signs that in small ways, the conference might have achieved one of its aims: to give political cover to those who want a solution but fear angering hard-liners on either side.

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