Jewish congregation facing religious discrimination

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from Liberty Institute,

A Dallas-based Jewish congregation facing religious discrimination …

Congregation Toras Chaim in Dallas was sued by a neighbor.

Members of Congregation Toras Chaim have been meeting in a member’s home for quite some time, meeting all safety and traffic requirements. Recently, however, a neighbor became upset about the gatherings and filed a lawsuit seeking to have the meetings stopped.

Alarmingly, houses of worship —including small bodies like Congregation Toras Chaim—have been increasingly victimized in recent years by unreasonable regulation and litigation that frequently violates their rights.

In city after city, town after town, for more than three centuries, local houses of worship have been the glue and backbone of American society. They permeate our communities with faith and good works.

Now, they are threatened by an increasingly religion-hostile social and political environment. But they still have rights.

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