New Military Rules Could Help Stop Attacks on Religion!

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from Liberty Institute,

On Wednesday, the U.S. government issued a new policy that creates a huge opportunity for Liberty Institute to stop the growing threat to religious freedom for soldiers, chaplains, and others in the military.

The new policy, issued by the Department of Defense, says the military’s normal standard must allow service members to act and speak in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Specifically, to deny accommodating a service member’s religious actions and speech, the military must now prove: (1) it has a compelling reason for the denial, and (2) the chosen way of restricting religious actions and speech is the least intrusive. This dramatic change in policy means the burden of proof is no longer on the service member.

This is a HUGE shift.

For the past five years, the forces of “political correctness” in the Obama Administration have unleashed a campaign to drive out religious freedom from the military. For example:

> A 19-year combat veteran was relieved of duty because his gay commander didn’t like his religious viewpoint on same-sex marriage.

> Troops were warned by military superiors that they could face discipline and even trial if they shared their faith, or even donated to a popular ministry.

> The Veterans Administration outlawed the words “God” and “God bless you” at military funerals at a national cemetery.

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