Biggest Liberal ‘Super PAC’ to Fund Possible Clinton Bid

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from The New York Times,

The largest liberal “super PAC” in the country has begun raising money to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton president, formally aligning itself with her undeclared presidential ambitions more than two years away from the election.

The group, Priorities USA Action, which played a pivotal role in helping re-elect President Obama, also named new directors to steer the organization, appointments that will both cement the group’s pro-Clinton tilt and thrust veterans of Mr. Obama’s political and fund-raising operation into the center of the post-Obama Democratic Party.

The move marks perhaps the earliest-ever start to big-dollar fund-raising in support of a nonincumbent presidential candidate, providing a fund-raising portal for wealthy Clinton supporters eager to help her White House prospects — and to the legions of others eager to ingratiate themselves with Mrs. Clinton and her inner circle.

Six years after overwhelming Mrs. Clinton with a superior grasp of small-donor fund-raising and grass-roots organizing, the Obama world is now conferring on her some of the fruits of Mr. Obama’s successful re-election: data analytics expertise, new voter targeting techniques and experienced hands knitting it all together.

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