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from Leadership Institute,

William Penn, SUSPENDED Michigan State Professor

Conservative students on campus face an onslaught from leftist professors eager to indoctrinate students with their leftist ideology … and turn the next generation of young Americans more liberal than the last. But now, through the support of Leadership Institute donors, conservative students on college campuses fight back — and win.

In September 2013, Michigan State University (MSU) professor William Penn spent the first day of his creative writing course telling students “Republicans have already raped this country,” and Republicans are racists and suppress black voters. Evan Schrage, a member of MSU’s Campus Conservatives group organized by the Leadership Institute, recorded the professor’s vicious tirade. LI’s staff posted the video online. The coverage made national headlines, and Evan appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and Fox and Friends to expose this leftist diatribe. MSU officials suspended Penn from teaching in the fall semester.

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