How Conservative Media Treated Women In 2013

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from Media Matters,

Media Matters looks back at the best of the worst of right-wing media’s treatment of women in 2013.

Fox Contributor Erick Erickson: “I Understand That Some Women Believe They Can Have It All, And That’s The Crux Of The Problem.”

Fox Host Lou Dobbs: Increase In Female Breadwinners Is “Concerning And Troubling.”

Bill Cunningham To Tamara Holder: “Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth.”

WSJ’s Taranto: “Female Sexual Freedom” Has Led To A “War On Men.”

Limbaugh Suggested Women’s Life Expectancy Is Down Because They’re “In The Workplace.”

Limbaugh: Women In Military Should Synchronize Menstrual Cycles So They’d Be “Ready To Be Banshees”

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