My Fearless Political Predictions For 2014

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by Karl Rove,

from The Wall Street Journal,

It’s time to see how well I did with my predictions for 2013 and to offer a set of 2014 forecasts. I got 10 predictions for this year right … Four predictions were wrong.

So what does my crystal ball say for 2014?

– Mr. Obama’s Gallup disapproval rating will end higher than this week’s 40%.

– Republicans will keep the House with a modest pickup of 4-6 seats.

– The GOP will most likely end up with 50 or 51 Senate seats.

– Republicans will lose a net of one or two of their 30 governorships. They’ll add to their numbers in statewide offices and state legislatures and see more Latino, Asian-American, African-American and women Republicans elected up and down the ballot.

– Every Republican senator and virtually every representative challenged in a primary as insufficiently conservative will win.

– Tens of millions more Americans will lose their coverage and find that new ObamaCare plans have higher premiums, larger deductibles and fewer doctors. Enrollment numbers will be smaller than projected and budget outlays will be higher. The White House will blame insurers and Republicans for the law’s continuing failures.

– Support for ObamaCare will drop below 30%, causing congressional Democrats to clamber for major changes and delays.

– It won’t be all sweetness and light for the GOP.

– The White House will be even more hard-edged and partisan … Mr. Obama will do what he does when in trouble: attack.

– The president’s willingness to ignore or unilaterally alter provisions of laws on the statute books—otherwise known as lawlessness—will be challenged by a growing number of successful lawsuits.

– Overseas, the Syrian civil war will be to Mr. Obama what Rwandan genocide was to the Clinton administration: a moral stain.

– Despite more American concessions, the Iranian nuclear deal will collapse as that country refuses to curtail its uranium enrichment. The administration will resign itself to a nuclear Iran and shift to “containment,” further eroding U.S. credibility with Middle East allies.

– The new Afghan government will sign a Status of Forces Agreement, keeping Mr. Obama from squandering progress there as he did victory in Iraq by failing to get such an agreement (though Baghdad wanted one).

– North Korea’s Kim Jong Un will test another nuclear device.

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