9 Things Media Called The “War On Men” in 2013

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from Media Matters,

Men are under threat. Despite the fact that women still make less than men do, are hugely underrepresented in media, and face so much sexism on a daily basis that Republicans actually have to undergo training to learn how to talk to women in non-offensive ways, conservative media would like you to know that it’s really men who have it tough.

The “War on Men” is waged on multiple fronts, from elementary school classrooms to the workplace to men’s own marriages. Nowhere is safe. So to help the besieged men out there, here is a list of all the things conservative media said were examples of the “War on Men” in 2013.

1. Kids Don’t Play “Tag” Anymore.

2. “Female Sexual Freedom.”

3. Obamacare.

4. “Feminized” Schools Have Rules, Standards.

5. Sometimes, Men Are Accused Of Sexual Harassment.

6. Commercials And Sitcoms Make Men Look Stupid.

7. Women Work Full-Time Jobs.

8. Women Would Like To Make The Same Amount Of Money Men Do.

9. “Obama’s America.”

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