Atheist Group Launches Holiday Billboard: ‘Who Needs Christ During Christmas?’

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from Thew Huffington Post,

American Atheists, a national non-profit advocacy organization for atheists, launched a new digital holiday billboard in Manhattan’s Times Square on Tuesday asking the provocative question, “Who needs Christ during Christmas?”

The 40′ x 40′ billboard displays a series of motion graphics that begins with that query before an animated hand crosses out the word “Christ” and the word “NOBODY” is displayed below the question. The ad then promotes alternative “true” meanings of Christmas as an array of words, including “family,” “charity,” “human life” and “friends,” each of which appears on the screen before the message ends with “Happy Holidays!”

“This season is a great time of year for a hundred reasons — none of them having to do with religion,” said American Atheists President David Silverman in a press release. “This year, start a new tradition: Don’t go to church. You hate it, it’s boring; you probably only go because you feel guilty or obligated. Instead, spend more time with your family and friends — or volunteer. There are better uses of your time and money.”

The organization’s public relations director, Dave Muscato, argued that the majority of people care more about being with family and friends and “giving presents and food and having fun” than the religious aspects of the holidays. Muscato also said that many Christmas traditions associated with Christianity pre-date the religion itself.

“For example, the North Pole and Santa traditions come from Nordic and Germanic pagan traditions, and caroling, yule logs, mistletoe, holly wreaths all pre-date Christianity,” Muscato said in Tuesday’s press release.

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