Would FoxNews have been able to get away with this headline?

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from The Gray Area:

In the November, 18th edition of TIME Magazine, the cover story was a picture of Chris Christie beside the headline, The Elephant in the Room. While the headline does not bother me, it does scream the hypocrisy in the media today, which is the left controls the language and can say anything they want. So the left leaning TIME Magazine is not in a risky area, slamming a Republican Governor and potential presidential candidate in 2016 on his weight. But you have to ask yourself, what would TIME or any other mainstream, left-wing media outlet have done if FoxNews led a story with a headline about Hillary Clinton’s physical condition? I think we all know the answer.

The article was unusually and surprisingly gracious to Mr. Christie’s dominance in blue-state New Jersey and his winning ways.

However, a companion article in the issue titled, What Holds Him Back-The Hunt for Pufferfish: A Double Down Excerpt, went point by point through the 2012 presidential campaign, when Mitt Romney ranked Chris Christie among the final contenders to be his running mate. That is until the Republican nominee started digging into the New Jersey governor’s record. Mark Halperin and John Heilemann then quoted point by point through the record Roney’s team presented of aras of concern regarding Christie as a running mate. Under each item was this quote by the Romney team: If Christie’s possible selection is to move forward, this item should be obtained. There were 5 items listed: – On Todd Christie’s securities-fraud settlement: “[Governor] Christie has been asked to disclose whether Todd Christie incurred any monetary or other penalty as a result of the SEC/NYSE action.

– On Christie’s defamation lawsuit: “Christie has been asked to provide the terms of the settlement of this matter.

– On Christie’s household help: “Christie has been asked to provide the names and documented status of all domestic employees. This material has not been received.

– On Christie’s lobbying clients: “Christie has provided only one of the twelve or so [public disclosure] filings made [in the time he was a lobbyist] …

– Then there was this: “In response to the questionnaire, Governor Christie indicates that he has no health issues that would hinder him from serving as the vice-presidential nominee. Published reports indicate that Christie suffers from asthma and was briefly hospitalized last year after he suffered an asthma attack. He is also obese and has indicated that he struggles with his weight. ‘The weight exacerbates everything,’ he is quoted as saying. Christie has been asked to provide a detailed medical report. Christie has been asked to provide a copy of all medical records from his most recent physical examination.

The left’s typical strategy of character assassination will unleash its demonization artists who will most assuredly be using all five of these questions in their initial attacks on Mr. Christie should he decide to run. An unfortunately, so may his Republican competitors for the nomination.