Vary your news sources to get the facts

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from The Gray Area:

This is another example of why we say you MUST vary your news sources to get the facts, and to get them interpreted accurately.

On the left side, Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize-winning economist’s recent New York Times article titled, Obamacare’s Secret Success explains how Obamacare has driven down the healthcare cost curve – as promised.

On the right, John Goodman, President of the National Center for Policy Analysis, evaluated the data presented by Krugman and comes up with a much different conclusion.

After reading both, it is clear that Krugman has embarrassed himself with this transparent advertisement for Obamacare. Especially coming, as it does, in concert with the White House’s new PR program designed to highlight Obamacare success stories. Don’t you expect more from respected, dedicated professionals in the media?

We all have a tendency to believe smart people on the surface based on their resume. Particularly when one is a Nobel laureate. Additionally, when they represent the leftist political ideology, which self describes itself as the smart guys, the intelligent side of the political spectrum. They must have the facts all in line – right? They must understand those facts better than the rest of us -right? They certainly know what those facts mean-right? No, no and no.

What this and other examples displayed on this site ad nauseaum is that no matter how high we regard someone’s academic credentials, we must still check their judgement, their political bias and any pattern of distortion or acting loosely with the facts they may have displayed. Such is the fact with Paul Krugman.

Gie a read to both columns, and whether you want to agree with Krugman or Goodman, what you should take away is that YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to vary your news and information sources on all issues under debate in this country.