Why do you think they wear Che T-shirts?

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by Rush Limbaugh,

from The Limbaugh Letter,
December, 2013:

If you believe in government, you should be furious about Obamacare’s incompetent rollout: A fiasco that could haunt progressives for years to come.” Headline, New Republic, 11/14/13

If this goes down, if health care, the Affordable Care Act, is deemed a failure, this is the end – I really mean it — of liberal government, in the sense of any sense that government as an instrument of social justice, an engine of economic progress, which is what divides Democrats from Republicans ==that’s what Democrats believe.” Mark Shields, PBS NewsHour, 11/15/13

Folks, this is what has the left panicked. Not that millions of Americans are losing their health insurance, or that thousands are losing access to their doctors and hospitals. Not that the finest medial system in world history is being damaged, or that people will suffer. No, what terrifies the left more than anything else is that their core mission—strengthening the compulsive power of government to correctly organize society—may be set back by the Obamacare debacle.

Leftists think Obama’s terrible mistake was not going all out socialized medicine from the get-go. The left’s only interest is to protect the central creed of socialism: government control.

The Democrat Party today is nothing but hard-left ideologues, and the only way they can be defeated is first to understand their ideology. If you think they’re just a bunch of well intentioned, incompetent Democrats, you’ll never beat them.

Every liberal has become practiced at hiding the ideology, masking it rhetorically, rarely tipping his or her hand in public. So if you won’t admit to yourself that Democrats are leftists because you don’t ever see it, then they’ve already won. They proceed on the basis that America is bad, that America’s founding was unjust and immoral, unfair and therefore illegitimate. This is who they are.

They believe that America as founded is racism, that capitalism is inherently unfair; it’s not right that there are rich people and poor people. The left wants to “cure” all that. According to their ideology, the antidote to America’s great sins are redistribution of wealth and moral relativism. They will never acknowledge that every society that has gone this route has become a hellhole.

There’s a reason folks that leftists wear Che Guevara T-shirts. There is a reason like Sean Penn idolize socialist dictators like Hugo Chavez and that Hollywood has had a long love affair with Fidel Castro. This is how they express their loathing for America as founded. This is the path Barack Obama is on. He has said so and is precisely what he meant when he said he would “fundamentally transform” this country.

Which is why what he’s doing to American health care must be understood as an ideological assault. Step one is to dismantle what exists. The chaos that has resulted is not an accident.

What will stop this.. the alternative to socialism … individual liberty. The power of free men and women to order their own lives as they see fit -not as leftists dictate.

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