Biden Begins 2016 Run for President

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from The Gray Area:

Vice President Joe Biden began his run for the Democrat Party nomination for President in 2016 this week. Though officially unannounced as a candidate, it is clear the Biden campaign is off and running.

But this week he made a very public trip to China for meetings involving the Chinese crackdown on foreign press and China’s declaration of a new air defense zone including disputed islands in the east China Sea. His trip has been front page news all week, with his leadership on the “air defense zone’ to be presented as reducing tensions in the region (to be determined). Photo ops, video reports and press conferences of Biden with Chinese President Xi Jingping have been widespread, creating a “presidential” image for the Vice President.

Expect more of this over the next 3 years. In order for Biden, whose reputation is more as a bumbling, foot in mouth, politician, to overcome Hillary Clinton’s strangle hold on the nomination he must prepare a body of work as Vice President which he does not currently possess.

… The campaign begins …. to be continued ….