Some types of discrimination are politically correct in America

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US Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) is a bigot. His intolerance and discriminatory actions against people who hold traditional views of sexual morality and family values cannot be accepted in civil society.

I realize my comments may sound harsh, but I don’t know what else to say about a US Senator who says that Christians, people of faith and those who believe in traditional values like marriage and life are guilty of “discrimination” and should not even be allowed to assemble in our nation’s capitol.

The backstory is that the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society – which sponsors the prestigious World Congress of Families – approached Senator Kirk to facilitate obtaining a meeting room in the capitol for a “Family in America” symposium on Capitol Hill. Being based in Illinois, The Howard Center naturally asked Senator Kirk to help arrange a room, a routine request that any Senator customarily grants for a group from his or her state. Indeed, Senator Kirk granted the request without hesitation.

However, homosexual lobby groups got wind of the seminar and decided to make a stink. They ring alarm bells throughout the gay underground whenever the World Congress of Families surfaces. A few years ago they pitched a fit when the WCF was meeting in London. On the eve of the opening of their annual conference on family issues – which featured delegates from throughout the world – activists got a group associated with Britain’s Bar Association to rescind a long-standing commitment to meet in the capitol. The WCF had to scramble overnight and arranged for the meeting to be held in a neighboring hotel. When activists got wind of that move, they pressured the hotel to cancel the event, and it had to be moved yet again to another venue.

What is the heinous crime that the World Congress of Families is guilty of that would result in being discriminating against on two continents?

The WCF believes that children are best served when raised by the two people responsible for bringing them into the world – their mother and father. And they believe that marriage is an institution reserved for one man and one woman because that union is uniquely designed to connect children to parents.

So having had success in Europe, the gay lobby turned their sights on Senator Mark Kirk and he caved without a fight. Worse, his office explained the move that, “Sen. Kirk does not affiliate with groups that discriminate.”

Who’s guilty of discrimination? Of course, it’s Kirk. He’s willing to silence and punish Christians and other people of faith who have the temerity to meet and discuss issues such as whether kids are entitled to a mom and a dad, and whether religious liberty protects people who live out their beliefs in the public square.

Senator Kirk is a coward who has succumbed to the pressure of gay lobbying groups and damaged people of good will who should have a right to discuss their views in our nation’s capital. US Senators have the obligation of representing all the people of their state, not just people who they agree with or who are powerful or popular.

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