School Board Votes Against Mandatory Pledge of Allegiance

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from The Blaze,

There’s been a battle brewing in Sioux Falls, S.D., over the Pledge of Allegiance and it’s likely nowhere near over after the local school board voted down a proposal on Tuesday night that would have required daily recitations at local high schools.

KELO-TV reported that local veterans have been pushing for public schools to include the Pledge as a daily ritual.

Elementary schools have already been doing so and the school board expanded this to middle schools on Tuesday night. But board members said that mandating the Pledge at the high school level simply isn’t feasible.

“Just the challenge of being able to find a period within a high school day to be able to say it consistently appeared to be a challenge,” said board Doug Morrison.

Others on the board agreed, noting that the high school academic day is chaotic and that mornings have little room for the Pledge.

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