Top 10 Senate races of 2014

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By Sean Sullivan and Aaron Blake,

from The Washington Post,

With the 2013 election now in the rearview mirror, 2014 is coming into sharper focus. In the battle for the Senate, that means it’s time to take a closer look at the primaries that could shape the landscape and speak volumes even where the outcome doesn’t affect the general election.

Republican primaries in Georgia and Alaska look to be heated, which is good news for the Democrats running in those states. Meanwhile, primaries in Wyoming and Mississippi will provide more clues about the future direction of the Republican Party. And when the top-ranking Republican in the Senate faces a primary, we pay attention. But so far, there are no signs that he is in imminent danger of losing.

Below is our latest rundown of the top 10 Senate races of the cycle, ranked as usual from the safest — No. 10 — to the most in danger — No. 1. Scroll down a bit more for our rundown of the top five primaries.

10. Georgia (Republican-controlled) and Michigan (Democratic-controlled).

9. Iowa (D)

8. North Carolina (D)

7. Kentucky (R)

6. Louisiana (D)

5. Alaska (D)

4. Arkansas (D)

3. Montana (D)

2. West Virginia (D)

1. South Dakota (D)

Bonus! Below is a look at the top five highest-profile primaries of 2014.

5. Georgia (R)

4. Kentucky (R)

3. Hawaii (D)

2. Mississippi (R)

1. Wyoming (R)

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