Protect Christmas in our Schools

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from Texas Values,

Mom and Dad, why can’t we talk about Christmas at school?

the Merry Christmas Law (HB 308) that was passed by the Texas Legislature and was signed into law in earlier this year, with the support of Texas Values. The law recognizes and respects the first amendment rights of students and teachers – telling public school districts that they don’t have to be “speech police” for Christmas expressions.

Teachers and students in Texas no longer need fear political correctness run amok, that have led to students being banned from handing out Christmas gifts with a message about Jesus, students not being allowed to write “Merry Christmas” to our troops serving overseas, Christmas Trees being replaced with “Holiday Trees” and simple greetings such as “Merry Christmas” landing a student or teacher in hot water.

We have launched a website at that seeks to engage and educate all Texans of their rights under the Merry Christmas Law.

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