Why Are People Attacking Senator Mike Lee?

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from Heritage Action for America,

Senator Mike Lee “helped chart a course that weakened the [Republican] Party and [Utah] economy.” Who said that? The Wall Street Journal’s front page this morning.

Over the last few months, Senator Lee stood up for the American people by fighting Obamacare. Now the media is in full attack mode.

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) says, “Even if victory seemed difficult or impossible, that wouldn’t excuse me or anyone else from doing the right thing. Avoiding difficult battles is how we ended up in this mess … all because Washington is willing to act only when there is guaranteed political gain.

Thousands of people have been inspired by Sen. Lee’s leadership. Americans agree: there is no excuse for not fighting Obamacare.

Conservatives are fighting Obamacare to save Americans from higher premiums, fewer jobs, larger out-of-pocket costs and for some, the loss of their insurance.

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