Vatican out at the UN?

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from CFAM,

That is an arresting subject line but that is precisely what radical anti-Catholic pro-aborts are trying to do as we speak.

Watch this video: CFC See Change campaign.

This nasty video is the beginning of a global campaign by “Catholics” for Choice, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and Planned Parenthood to strip the Vatican of its seat at the UN.

Why do they want the Vatican out of the UN? Because the Vatican is the number one voice for the unborn child and the natural family at the UN. Without the Vatican, it is all too possible there would be a universal right to abortion and the family would have been defined out of existence.

Sometimes the Vatican stands all alone. You ought to see those brave priests stand alone against the powers of the earth.

Vatican City is the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world and has diplomatic relationships with 180 countries.

C-FAM was founded 16 years ago when the Papal Nuncio to the United Nations made it known there needed to be a full time office of Catholic laymen at the UN. You see, the Vatican always wants the help of pro-life groups. C-FAM was started to defend the unborn child, the family and the Church from anti-Catholic radicals that work in and through the UN.

Who am I talking about?

Catholics for Choice, formerly Catholics for a Free Choice, exists for the single purpose of undermining the teachings of the Church and to encourage the killing of unborn babies. Ditto for the Center for Reproductive Rights, a group of lawyers advancing the culture of death globally.

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