Liberals, stop whining and do something

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Liberals, stop whining and do something is the title of an article by Julian Zelizer, CNN Contributor. Zeliner states, that

“[i]n recent weeks, the chorus of criticism emanating from liberals has been intensifying, focusing on how right-wing Republicans have shut down the government and are threatening the global economy.

Many observers agree with this criticism, including a number of Republicans who are also frustrated with their own party. A recent Pew poll showed that support for the GOP has plummeted since September.

But simply criticizing congressional intransigence never goes very far in Washington politics. Liberals who rail against the right are unlikely to accomplish much. The 40 or so conservative Republicans who have been controlling the House Caucus don’t really care what liberals in Washington have to say.” … “In the past, liberals have scored their biggest breakthroughs against congressional conservatism through grass-roots pressure.”

So, to no one’s surprise, the article is about leftist Democrat strategy to defeat Conservative Republicans. Not to negotiate, not to compromise, not to act in the best interest of the people of the United States, but to defeat Conservative Republicans. When reading this there is no question why President Obama consistently prefers to dictate rather than negotiate. He and his supporters view half of the country as a roadblock to furthering their left wing agenda and that that half must be defeated.

Though Mr. Zeliner uses some questionable historical references to support the purity of his views, his most telling comment is this:

Although the budgetary process is not an issue that has the same urgency as immigration reform or climate change, the stakes of continuing with this kind of budget politics are enormously consequential.

Need we say more about the radical left’s view of our country’s financial issues? Of course not. According to the liberal Democrat the most urgent issues this country faces are immigration and climate change, not the budget necessary to fund these programs. There are other important issues we also face in this country; energy, education, healthcare, defense, social security, medicare and what is the common denominator of all of them – where is the money. Do they really think the money is unlimited? If it weren’t so damaging this thinking would be comical.

Republicans are asking to negotiate with their opposition over the financial future necessary to support the radical left’s tax the rich, welfare state even when they don’t agree with their counterparts agenda. Yet the radical Democrats believe that climate change is a more imminent threat than American financial collapse. Does the European financial crisis of the past 5 years not register with these people that the welfare state eventually collapses under it’s own weight? Does it not register when the world starts to push the goal of a “de-Americanized” financial world?

I agree with Mr. Zeliner’s title, Liberals, stop whining and do something. It is just that I believe they should “do something” responsible and work with Republicans to secure this country’s financial future.

Read Mr. Zeliner’s entire article from CNN: