Supreme Court poised to tilt further to the right

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from USAToday,

The Supreme Court on Monday opens its 2013 term, one that will include a range of controversial cases on social issues and the reach of federal power. Top cases on the docket, along with two more the court is likely to consider:

– Campaign Finance: Do aggregate limits, rather than individual base limits, on contributions to federal candidates … violate the First Amendment’s free speech guarantees?

– Affirmative Action: Does a state constitutional amendment banning racial preferences in public university admissions violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution?

– Chemical Weapons Treaty: Did Congress exceed its power over state and local authorities … when it implemented the Chemical Weapons Implementation Act?

– Legislative Prayer: Does a town’s policy having local clergy recite pryers at government meetings violate the First Amendments establishment clause …?

– Housing Discrimination: Is a government policy, such as redeveloping a blighted neighborhood, permitted … if it has a disparate impact on racial minorities?

– EPA: Can the federal government supersede states authority by setting emission reduction plans … ?

– Recess Appointments: Can the President use his recess appointments power to side step Senate confirmation … ?

– Abortion Buffer Zones: Can a state set up a buffer zone around reproductive healthcare facilities that perform abortions, in order to separate patients from protestors?

– Medical Abortion: Can a state limit the administration of abortion-inducing drugs … thereby restricting medical abortions?

– Healthcare Contraceptives: Can a family owned corporation whose owners oppose abortion refuse to offer health insurance that includes coverage of contraceptives as in Obamacare?

– Cellphones: Can police search the data in a suspect’s cellphone during a routine stop without a warrant?

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