‘Really confused’: Kaiser/NBC poll finds Americans worried by health care law

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from NBCNews.com,

Americans are more worried than confused about the new health insurance exchanges that open Tuesday, a new poll shows. Most wonder whether the main provisions of the health reform law will end up costing them money.

The Kaiser Family Foundation/NBC survey found an anemic level of enthusiasm about the program among ordinary people and splits among party lines.

Just over half said they were worried, while slightly less said they were confused. Twenty-nine percent said they were angry about the ACA, compared to just 24 percent who described themselves as enthusiastic.

It doesn’t surprise Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “I think it still isn’t real for a lot of people. And there is a lot of confusion,” Sebelius told NBC Nightly News in an interview.

“But for the 15 percent in and out of the market, not insured at all, this will be a new chance, a new choice for health security. But they need to see it and make it real. And that will happen starting tomorrow.”

Still, Sebelius acknowledged that the administration shares some blame for the confusion on the eve of the roll-out.

“I think we bear part of the responsibility of not being able to get through a lot of the noise,” she said.

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