Obama chides Republicans as shutdown looms

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from The Washington Post,

President Obama urged the House on Friday to pass a Senate bill that funds the government and warned once again that he would not negotiate away changes to the Affordable Care Act in exchange for raising the federal debt ceiling.

Shortly after the Senate passed a bill that keeps the the government operating past Monday, Obama told House leaders that they should do the same, leaving alone his signature health-care law.

“Past shutdowns have disrupted the economy, and this shutdown would as well,” Obama said. “It would throw a wrench into the gears of our economy at a time when those gears have gained some traction. And that’s why many Republican senators and many Republican governors have urged Republicans to knock it off, pass a budget and move on. Let’s get this done.”

Sometimes showing signs of dark amusement at the litany of Republican demands, Obama appealed to House conservatives to realize that they would be hurting military pay, students and families in their home districts if they allow the government to shut down.

Republicans have suggested that they will add new demands to the government funding bill Saturday before sending it back to the Senate, though their strategy was not fully clear.

The Senate has “acted responsibly by voting to keep our government open,” Obama said. “So far the Republicans in the House of Representatives have refused to moved forward.”

The Senate passed the short-term spending bill 54 to 44. The measure is intended to keep the government operating through Nov. 15.

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