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from The Gray Area:

Dear Mr President,

Your speech at the navy yard memorial today has prompted the thinking in me you asked for and i wanted to share those thoughts with you.

You mentioned that there have been so many shootings that we have grown accustomed to them and seemed no longer to be shocked. Even the Russian diplomat made the same statement. “a creeping resignation” about mass shootings, the notion “that this is somehow the new normal.” “ought to obsess us,” “Our tears are not enough,” I agree with you, that is not a good thing.

You mentioned that we must take guns out of the hands of these mad men and again i agree.

You said that “a “transformation” of the nation’s gun laws” and again i agree.

“After all of the speeches, all of the punditry, nothing,” “won’t come from Washington, but has to come from the American people themselves”. But of course you know that it cannot come from the people, because only Congress can change teh laws. The people’s representativs and they have spoken over and over again that no one should take the sencond amendment from law abiding citizens. you just refuse to accept the peoples choice.

“he has now spoken at “five American communities ripped apart by mass violence,” and the reason you have is because yo havent done anyting about it. You would say that you led new proposals to do just that, but tha tis not ttue. You did nothing in those proposeals about illegal guns, you attacked legal guns. You did nothing about gun violence, only aout guns. Gun violence is mostley the result of drugs and gangs. This was proven inBoston in the 90s yet no one wants to address the daily violence that comes from these two sources. And the laws need to eliminate the regulations and laws already inplae that stop anyone who is mentally unstable from being identified as such.

“shootings in other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom led to changes in their gun laws. “What’s different in America,” he said, What’s different in America, we have leaders who are afraid to address the problem, but instead are following a politically ideological

“is it’s easy to get your hands on a gun”. there are plenty of gun laws to control people getting legal access to guns. Responding to illegal guns is what has not been done.

The shooter in the attack has been identified as Aaron Alexis, an IT contractor with an apparent history of emotional problems. Despite his issues, Alexis still had security access to the naval facility and was able to purchase a weapon.